Course Enrollment

1. Register your account for free. Click at "log in" and then follow the instructions for creating a new account under the section "Is this your first time here?"

2. As soon as you have registered your account, you can enroll yourself into the courses.

For enrolling into the courses, you have several options:

  • Use PayPal and enroll yourself directly into the course of your choice.
  • Use Swish, bank transfer, or any other payment method of your choice to pay your course fee. Upon receiving your payment, you will be enrolled into the course within 24 hours. Please contact the administration HERE.

Please note that some courses may not have started yet. Enrollment is open anyway and you can access the material as soon as it is uploaded, even before the actual start of the course.

If you want to enroll into the Islamic Counselling Certificate, please enroll first into ICC 011 Introduction to Islamic Psychology.